About us



Kimsunghun Ceramics is a brand of ceramic wares that adds a special touch to daily life with a design that maximizes the harmony of unique shapes and practicality. We started from a small workshop in 2006, manufacturing products suitable to the demands of designers and Korean craftsmen with long experience to create ethical products, and we have great pride in it. Our project is to combine novelty, pleasure and elegant colours in the most comfortable way.

What we think


All series of KIMSUNGHUN CERAMICS are designed to suit any occasion. They are loved by all who want even everyday food to be presented as though from a chef’s table and who want comfortable pottery that will not get worn even after every day use.


Our design is fastidious. We do not allow any inconvenience or aesthetic sense of discomfort. Products that fall short in your eyes are never released as finished products.

We always try to read your minds and think about what you want.

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How we make


KIMSUNGHUN CERAMICS together with young ceramic artists who love their work and artisans who have preserved our ceramics field for a long time make ceramics with our utmost sincerity. Our pride melts with nothing missed and it makes our products more beautiful.

We are also pursuing a fair return to designers, producers, and consumers alike, and we manufacture our ceramics in an ethical and fair way.



The glaze of KIMSUNGHUN CERAMICS is carried out through research and made by the artist himself. We are continuing the process of glazing and testing by studying and selecting the colors that match the current trends. Among more than 500 glazes that have gone through multitudinous tests, only a few of them have passed those tests and are launched as products, and only a small number of limited edition versions are available as seasonal colors every year.


Every year, we are issued a certificate of heavy metals limit test from KICET, notify a safety report through radioactivity measurement, and with good quality soil produced in Korea, raw materials used in making glaze are also checked and selected of their origin thoroughly and vigorously insisting on using safe and adequate materials for tableware.