Sunghun Kim

The unique texture of the soil made it possible to start the ceramics.  The hundreds of glazes that have been developed over the years lightly reveal the texture of the soil, but they are the product of constant experiments to finely cover with the delicate colors close to the nature. This is because the texture, color and depth of the glaze vary depending on the mixing ratio of minerals. Although it’s been way over 20 years since I have entered ceramics, I am always nervous before I open the kiln door. So, facing the unknown variables, thinking how valuable the ceramics is that I again become humble.

디자인3 - 글레이즈과정2.jpg

Myeonghyeon Lee

My main job is to constantly observe and draw the scenery of daily life and space. And I imagine the things to be put there. The thing that always gives me new inspiration is a coincidence that I come across from a new place. 


Our products have to be new. If it is not new, you do not have to make it. However, if they are not good for use, how much prettier they are, they can never be put out that I constantly study on practicality in the framework of beauty. Even if it is only 1mm difference, it is a big difference if you consider it for a user.